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Lanny Wilke Memorials

The Northern Alumni Foundation has established two accounts to preserve the lasting memory of our friend, colleague, teacher, mentor (and scone booth extraordinaire), Mr. Lanny Wilke.

Lanny was a Northern alum who also taught here for 27 years. During that time, he had a lifelong impact on many who crossed his path. Lanny was a kind, gentle man who was dedicated to his family, students, and community. He was a wonderful advisor and always went above and beyond to assist his students and advisees, even if it meant walking them across campus to show them the right office.

If you find it in your heart to assist in preserving the memory of Lanny Wilke please consider donating. There are two accounts: 1) the Lanny Wilke Memorial Tree & Plaque fund, and 2) the Lanny Wilke Memorial Scholarship Fund. The hope is for the first fund to plant a tree with a plaque near Brockmann Center in his memory.  The second fund would create a scholarship in his memory.

These are two wonderful ways to recognize and remember the beloved teacher and friend we will forever miss. Donations for both of these can be dropped off at the foundation office or mailed to: MSUN Foundation, PO Box 1691, Havre, MT 59501. Please state whether the donation is for the Memorial Tree & Plaque or the Memorial Scholarship.

If you have any questions, please contact the MSU-Northern Alumni Foundation office at 406-265-3711.